About Mover Service Tx

About Dr. Move Moving CompanyMover Service Tx is proud to serve its esteemed customers for years now. Many of them are our repeat customers too, using us for their residential or commercial move whenever they need. It feels so encouraging when they also refer someone to us. That makes our day, knowing we have been doing our job to the best of our ability.

Sometimes we even find ourselves in a fix when a repeat customer only wants the same truck & the same people to come. And they are willing to change their moving date for that. Isn’t that a great feeling for any company? Also special thanks to kids for keeping our team pepped up by waving to us everytime they see us moving around.

Our constant endeavor is to keep innovating our services so we not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

When you come to us, you just don’t get the best service, you bind with us for a life-long relationship. And frankly do not hesitate about anything, just talk to us. Maybe we together can find a better solution. For your move, Mover Service Tx is your team.

We are here to serve you always,

Mover Service Tx Team