How do we define Cheap Moving Companies? For us the term is affordable moving companies

No doubt, moving is an expensive affair, but do we realize that looking for something just cheap is going to end up being much more costly. And many people learn it the hard way.

At Dr Move we have had a lot of inquiries come in where customers say, “we need someone cheap” and we say “we are best priced”. Now how do we distinguish this?

Cheap and Affordable Movers

Lets say there’s a company that is fine to do a $70 per hour rate. We are perfectly fine with it as long as the end customer is happy. Now lets look at it logically, there has to be some cost that goes in. Just calculate what is involved truck, fuel, manpower, food etc. Fuel you can’t really do anything and nor can you do anything about the truck. So quality of the move is what you can best compromise with or charge extra on the day of move. This is what most cheap movers do. Get you booked and on the day of the move get you to shell out more.
Dr. Move stands by its commitment whenever we book someone’. Ours is a guaranteed rate not to increase anytime later.

If we talk about budget, it’s something that we have to do in almost every situation. If you turn around, almost everyone will be advising you on budget. So, it’s really important. And every individual thinks of sticking to a budget. In fact, it is a good way to keep yourself accountable and also stops you from getting into financial trouble later. The same holds true when you are moving. You literally need a plan for the best price. As there’s a lot more in moving like packing-unpacking, loading-unloading, setting up of the new place etc. a budget will help you move more comfortably and will be less stressful as such.
Here is a list of a few items that need to be considered when it comes to budgeting a move:

It’s simply not just the move:

While you will definitely pay the movers, but there are a few more expenses that you may need to consider. You will have to take into account your overheads, hotels stay, etc. You will also have to set aside for meals etc while moving and other things that can naturally pop up. And, you know they often do.

Plan your budget if moving for a job:

If you are moving for a job, in most cases you are likely to get a lump sum from the company as a reimbursement. It’s up to you how you manage that credited amount. Before you get on the move, find out the best moving company and then get a competitive quote.

What can you manage yourself?

Think about, if you can do packing and organize the stuff on your own. Managing these little things can help you save and overall reduce the cost.

Try moving less stuff:

One discreet way of reducing your moving expense is trimming down the load. You can simply donate the things which you do not use – to charity, give them away to your friends or family, throw away the waste, etc. No doubt, every house has things that have not been used for years but are kept for sundry reasons. So, try cleaning your house and filter the stuff that is not needed. Of course, this will save a bit of cost and will settle your budget.

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