How to reduce your Moving Cost Estimates?

First basic question people ask these days regarding moving is, “Should I hire a moving company or just do it myself?” The best answer to this depends on your move. That is whether you’re moving across town or across the country. Still, to ensure you’re making the best decision, its good idea to consider all options before moving. Everyone agrees that moving is expensive. So firstly you should calculate the cheaper option; to move yourself or to hire a moving company. The cost of moving depends upon how far you’re moving and how much stuff do you have. Fuel costs and one way rentals can be very expensive. So you must do a cost analysis before hiring a moving company.

The best ways to cut-down your moving cost is:

  • Reducing your load: this includes getting rid of stuff you don’t need. Lesser the weight, lesser the money. It’s simple.
  • Moving during off season: the best time to save money while moving is during off season. Choose the season accordingly for lesser moving cost.
  • Booking movers early: booking movers early results in less charges of moving cost. If you decide to book a mover at the last minute before your move, you are more likely to be charged a higher rate, simply due to lesser options and lack of time.
  • Prepare a timetable for performing the move: this includes packing and arrival dates.
  • The company you have hired for moving must confirm that whether it will perform the move itself or does it work as a household broker.
  • Information about the moving crew’s status with the company: this includes performing a complete background check on their status of work, and other important information that should be known.
  • Estimating the total cost: this includes performing cost analysis before hiring a moving company.
  • Estimating the total time of the completion of the moving process.
  • Always make a written agreement in advance with your mover describing all the services provided. This written agreement is also called a Binding Estimate. It guarantees the total cost of the move based on the quantities and services written in the estimate. However the final charges may be based on the actual weight of your shipment, the services provided and the tariff provisions in effect. Some movers like Dr Move offer a “guaranteed-not-to-exceed” estimate, which allows the consumer to pay the binding estimate or the actual cost, whichever is lower. Keep in mind that the overall cost of movers includes – trucks, tolls, gas expenses, packing, etc. It all depends on the size of your move. Also, in many cases it depends on the number of friends and relatives ready to commit and work diligently to help you. Start with what type is your move so you can have a better idea about the cost. Local moves are charged by the hour. Depends on where you live, state or metro area, the rates and the overall local moving cost will vary. You may be charged an hourly rate for the time movers spent working on your move. This hourly rate applies whether the movers are wrapping, loading or driving from point A to point B.

    Moving is not that fun, but it can be done professionally and without hassle when you hire a professional moving company. Think about the size of your move and all other details in order to decide whether you will hire a professional moving company. Budget and time constraints are major factors, however if you haven’t moved before, think about what’s more valuable to you – your money or your comfort.