Want to move a Piano?

Nowadays, most mover companies advertise piano moving as one of their main services. These companies are usually professional in undertaking such moves. The ones who are doing it for years invariably have good experience in shifting pianos and we can say they have achieved a good level of expertise in it.

No doubt, your piano is one of your most valuable possessions. So when it’s about moving it, you need to trust a professional piano moving company to shift it safely. For music lovers piano is not merely a wood stuff rather it’s more of their passion. Hence, it deserves extensive care in moving. However, to make a safe move choosing a piano moving service is of utmost importance.

How Piano Moving Companies Work

Most companies hire professionals who take care of your instrument and handle it with utmost care. These personnel are both experienced and competent and have good level of hand-on skills to safely move a piano. Every move is planned to assure you that your piano is in safe hands. Regardless of the size and weight of your prized possession they would suitably prepare, pack and move it.
In case you want to move your piano for repairs, the movers can assist you in getting it to the designated repair shop. Most people find this a challenge and are always keen to find someone who can help in this.
Now if we talk about what will be used for transporting, these companies have aptly-designed trucks to complete the move. The trucks are adequately protected against any adverse climate like rain, storm etc.
Though there is substantial competition in the market among commercial piano movers, it’s essential for you to pick the right one. Following points can help in evaluating a company and assist you to make the right choice.
• 24X7 availability of the office staff, so you are not constrained by time.
• Trailers and trucks protecting against the unsuitable weather.
• Air-rides prepared with air-lift gates, which makes loading/unloading easy.
• Professional and expert piano movers.
• Provision of technical equipment for piano moving.
• At least two or more men as required to move a piano easily.
• And of course an affordable moving quote.

Be it moving from one room to another or from one coast to another coast, hiring professional piano movers is your best bet. Such companies offer better services and also are available on calls and emails round the clock. And you can get regular updates from them with regard to your piano move. In simple words, you can rely on them because just like any other reputable company, they put customer satisfaction first.
And yes, you have Dr. Move to help you out at every step, in case you are struggling with your piano move.